The Friends of Music of Smithtown is proud to offer a recorder package for your child.

We are the Music Booster Club for the Smithtown School District. 
We support the music department and their programs throughout the district.

In conjuction with the recommendations of your child's music teacher, we are offering a recorder package that includes:
  • a Yamaha Baroque recorder
  • a storage bag to carry and protect the recorder
  • a special music folder to hold their music. The folder has wonderful tips for beginning musicians!

Each recorder package is $20.00.

   If you are interested in ordering this package:
  • Print out the form below and fill it out (or write all the information on a piece of paper)
  • Include a check made payable to "Friends of Music of Smithtown" for $20.00
  • Place the form and the check in an envelope marked "Recorder Order/Friends of Music of Smithtown"
  • Return it to your child's teacher AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
We will deliver the recorders directly to your child’s school.

Thank you!
The Friends of Music of Smithtown


Recorder Package Order Form

  Child’s Name:


  Classroom teacher:

  Home Phone Number:

   Parent's Name:

  Parent's Email:


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